200ml pore-deep cleansing foam against blackheads and pimples
200ml pore-deep cleansing foam against blackheads and pimples
200ml pore-deep cleansing foam against blackheads and pimples
200ml pore-deep cleansing foam against blackheads and pimples
200ml pore-deep cleansing foam against blackheads and pimples
200ml pore-deep cleansing foam against blackheads and pimples

200ml pore-deep cleansing foam against blackheads and pimples

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  • Anti blackhead & anti pimple pore cleaner based on aloe vera instead of ineffective water: facial cleansing & moisturizing care against skin drying out.


  • Huge 200ml facial cleansing men for impure skin against pimples & blackheads. With organic aloe vera & glycerine (moisture), taurine (freshness boost), lavender (soothing), and Jania Rubens (skincare).


  • Anti pimple cleanser face for men - extra much & ultra efficient. 2 - 3 pumps of Men's Matter Cleansing Balm are enough, then wash off with water. Facial cleansing for impure skin.


  • Unlike other Cleansing Foam - Our Face Wash Men is not based on cheap water but on organic aloe vera (water dries the skin, aloe vera moisturizes!) Battle of the Cosmetics Mafia!


  • Sustainable skin cleansing face & skin care men - Skin Clean without preservatives, microplastics, PEG, parabens, silicones, mineral oils. Developed, manufactured & bottled in Germany.

"Cheap water is not in our beliefs"


In contrast to most other creams, MännerSache-Creams do not consist of 50 to 70% water, but of the moisturizing wonder of organic aloe vera and other valuable ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, and more. Opt for 100% active ingredients instead of products filled with unnecessary water.

Double quality with double quantity

Not only DAMN good ingredients, but also a lot more content than other creams, 200ml instead of 120-150ml.

Everything you find in our creams is of the highest quality and only consists of ingredients that really help you.

No waste or skin problems

Brauchst' nur wenig Produkt, ist super ergiebig: Nur wenig Creme für die Anwendung benötigt (Eine Fingerkuppe reicht für das ganze Gesicht)

Brauchst' dir keine Sorgen zu machen, ob sie auch für deine Haut geeignet ist: Egal ob deine Haut trocken, "Misch" oder fettig ist - für jeden Hauttypen.

What our customers think about Men's Matter creams


It's hard to describe how the foam feels, you have to actually try it. Normally, you wash your face with a foam and afterwards it feels "like it has been washed", so that's the normal feeling. With the men's thing foam, you can still tell how your skin feels afterwards. Well different. And also when applying, it feels like touching your face with a feather or velvet. Absolutely great and can still be felt for a long time afterwards. Also smells good. Thumbs up from me, clear recommendation!

Jungle Monkey
~8 April 2022

I was a little skeptical that it would be compatible with my sensitive skin and was pleasantly surprised. Pleasant to apply, smells pleasant and leaves the skin soft and supple and feeling slightly cool. My skin likes it :-)
I also found a thank you email from the men's thing team for the order with a PDF with tips for male well-being very nice. Nice gesture.
All in all I am very satisfied with the cleansing lotion.

~16 May 2022

Da mich die Männerpflegeserie dieses Anbieters bisher sehr überzeugt hat, bestellte ich mir auch das neuste Produkt von MÄNNER.SACHE: Den Gesichts-Reinigungsschaum. Auch hier versprechen wieder hochwertige Inhaltsstoffe (auf Bio Aloe Vera nicht auf Wasserbasis, Taurin, Lavedel, Jania Rubens) eine porentiefe Reinigung.
Und erneut bin ich wieder sehr zufrieden. Der Schaum mit angenehmen, aber nicht intensiven Duft, lässt sich sehr einfach auf das Gesicht auftragen und abwaschen. Danach fühlt sich die Haut spürbar erfrischt und gereinigt an. Aber ganz ohne dieses Gefühl, jegliche Feuchtigkeit und Schutzschicht der Haut abgewaschen zu haben.

~16 May 2022

The cleaning foam is a real must. My husband uses it every day after exercising. After cleaning, his skin feels very clean and fresh and has a very pleasant scent. The foam can be combined very well with the organic aloe vera moisturizing cream from men's business. There is no mineral oil and microplastics in this product - great thing!

Svenja O.
~24 April 2022


100% effizient

Compared to other skin care creams that can contain up to 60-80% water, our product is made of 100% efficient ingredients.

The best quality for just the right amount

Trotz der Tatsache, dass alle unsere Cremes von hoher Qualität sind und direkt in Deutschland hergestellt werden, sind unsere Preise fair und für jeden erschwinglich.

quality first

For us at Maenner Sache, the satisfaction of our customers comes first. For this reason, we always strive to offer all our products at the highest level.

Feuchtigkeit & Regeneration

✔ Bio Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very good natural moisturizer and is known for its refreshing properties and soothing irritated skin

✔ hyaluronic acid

Hyaluron has been scientifically proven to combat wrinkles and dry skin. It occurs naturally in the body but decreases with aging & stress

Anti-Aging & Energy-Kick

✔ Retinol

Retinol / Vitamin A is one of the best anti-aging ingredients, stimulating skin cell metabolism & collagen production for smooth skin.

✔ Vegetable taurine

It is also often called "the Red Bull for the skin" and has real energy powers, invigorates the skin and provides the extra energy kick

Against irritation & skin irritation

✔ Silver

Silver in powder form with 99.9% purity has a germicidal effect and helps against razor bumps and skin irritation, especially after shaving

✔ Panthenol

Also known as "provitamin B5", it is converted into vitamin B5 by the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes skin and cuts

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